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Ensure FIRE safety, save
life, save property!
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Powder fire extinguishers

The all-rounder for
fire classes A, B and C
and frost-proof.

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"Prevention is the best protection when it comes to fire safety."

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Welcome to Reyansh Fire​

Welcome to Reyansh Fire, a trusted wholesaler and trader of high-quality fire equipment. With our extensive range of top-notch products, we are committed to providing reliable fire safety solutions. Our dedicated team ensures that our customers receive the best-in-class equipment, guaranteeing optimal performance and peace of mind. Choose Reyansh Fire for your fire safety needs and experience excellence in quality and service.


Industries We Cater To

Residential Building

Buildings offering temporary or permanent residence to individuals, supplying slumbering arrangements in diverse forms.

Gathering Structures

The category of structures where communities convene for worship, entertainment, fitness, exhibitions, film theater, association, aquatic facilities, commuting amenities, and more.

Industrial Buildings

Leveraging our extensive expertise across diverse industries enables us to offer tailored solutions for improving fire safety, industrial safety, and health.

Edifices of Institution

These kinds of structures are employed for activities associated with health, medical treatments, recuperating from injuries or ailments, providing care for the elderly and infants, and more.

Commercial Building

These buildings are designed to facilitate various business activities. They encompass town halls, medical centers, healthcare facilities, libraries, and more.

Warehousing Building

Such structures are typically employed as storehouses, depots, or storage edifices.

Building of Knowledge

Advancement propels us ahead while acknowledging endeavors to challenge responsibility amidst compromising potentials.

Mercantile Edifices

These types of structures serve primarily for commercial purposes and for showcasing merchandise or services, whether in bulk or individually. They encompass establishments, outlets, bazaars, and the like.

Risky Facilities

The various architectural forms encompassing the storage, manipulation, transformation, or fabrication of substances.

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